Gpusi is a leading manufacturer of automotive HID lighting in China. We have been engaged in automotive HID lighting in 2003. Our main product is HID electronic ballasts which are approved of high quality and efficiency. Other products include HID bulbs, LED work lights and parking sensors.

  1. Xenon HID Ballasts
  2. Xenon HID Bulbs
  3. LED Work Lights
  4. Parking Sensors
  5. LED headlight
  • YD4 HID Electronic Ballast

    The YD4 HID electronic ballast has a 12V input and works with all 35W D4S/D4R HID bulbs.

  • L35R HID Electronic Ballast

    The L35R HID elelctronic ballast is the DC HID ballast.This DC HID ballast works with DC HID bulbs.

  • E35E HID Electronic Ballast

    E35E is the most performance price ratio regular ballast in aftermarket. This HID ballast works with the 35W xenon HID bulb.

  • D1S/D1R Xenon HID Bulb

    D1S/D1R xenon HID bulb has a 35W output and over 3200 hours lifetime.3 times luminous flux than halogen bulb

  • D2S/D2R Xenon HID Bulb

    D2S/D2R xenon HID bulb has a 35W output and produces 3200 lumens of luminous flux,3 times than halogen bulb

  • Single Beam Xenon HID Bulbs

    These xenon HID bulb has 35 and 55 watts of output. And these HID bulb can be used as high beam or low beam bulb

  • H4-3 Bi-xenon HID Bulb

    A single multifunction HID Xenon bulb has the purpose of both a high and a low beam.

  • SM-930 LED Work Light

    This LED work light consists of 6 pieces 3 watt cree LEDs and aluminium alloy housing.

  • Auto led hedlight

    Have LED headlight suit for all model cars.Now we have new model H15 D1S D2S can support.

  • SM-941 LED Work Light

    This LED work light consists of 24 pieces of 3 watt CREE LEDs. It has over 50000 hours of lifespan

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