Xenon HID Ballasts

Just as electronic ballast technology enhanced fluorescent lighting systems, HID electronic ballasts bring significant performance improvements to HID lighting systems:
• Higher efficiency             • Greater lumen maintenance
• Longer lamp life              • Enhanced color control

  1. Xenon HID Ballasts
  2. Xenon HID Bulbs
  3. LED Work Lights
  4. Parking Sensors
K55J HID Electronic Ballast
  • K55J HID Electronic Ballast

  • Product Model: K55J

The character of our K55J HID light ballast as fallow:
Output: 55W, AC 85V
Input Voltage: DC 9-16V
Rated Voltage: DC 13.2V
Input Current: 4.5A
Starting Current: 6A
Working Temperature: -40°C ~ 105°C
Lifespan: over 2500 hours

55 watt slim HID ballast with 12V DC input voltage and 85V AC output voltage. The K55J fast startup HID light ballast works with all the 55 watt xenon HID bulbs.

Except K55J fast startup HID ballast, we also offer another fast startup K35J HID light ballast.